Commercially sustainable product solutions are the result of combining comprehensive brand experience, product design and production technology. This helps bring abstract ideas to life in a new design and makes existing products commercially interesting for the next stage of life.

Products must continously be innovated to be competitive in the market.


Your product not only recognizable by the brand name, but by its shape as well!
KOEN&CO creates authentic and suitable product(line)s with a strong brand identity.
That is why we don’t just design logo, color and label, but also the 3D shape language. Our knowledge of production techniques truly comes in handy in this. In the design, we consider the eventual production technique, which prevents disappointment afterwards. The choice of material is decisive for the quality of the product, which is why it has our utmost attention. KOEN&CO is strong in plastic, but also develops metal products, manufactured with the help of mold techniques.

Product Engineering

Calculating cost price and mold price, building a physical model and calculating product properties is all done in this stage, based on a 3D file. Using CAD software, we convert 2D sketches into a 3D product, which is then manufactured in series. Before investments have to be made in production tools, we will have gained insight into what production techniques are interesting.

Designing commercially sustainable solutions with a comprehensive approach.

Product presentation

Having a distinctive shape is very beneficial. When products are recognizable as part of a brand, consumers are more likely to stay loyal to the brand. Both the product and the packaging play a role in this.
The product is given its ‘finishing touch’ thanks to graphic product expressions such as a logo, icon or print. KOEN&CO loves to turn packaging design, user manuals and website design into eye catchers.
KOEN&CO photographs the products it has designed for catalogs and website presentations. If there are no models yet that can be photographed, the products are visualized based on the digital CAD files. Both still pictures and moving images are part of the possibilities of ‘digital prototyping’.

Law and legislation

We make sure the new product meets the relevant standards, so that it is allowed to be marketed. In addition to CE standards, European standards and directives apply per product category. KOEN&CO helps companies meet the relevant standards and supports the certification required for permission to sell the product on the European market.

A well designed product range turns the competitor into a B brand.

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